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La Paz, Baja California

El malecon is the seaside promenade that spans almost the entire coastline of La Paz, a city of 250,000 on the west coast of Baja California Sur.

We arrive in La Paz after a delayed flight, missed buses and a three hour drive through a cactus strewn desert, grabbing glimpses of the Pacific coast, and the man-made oases in the Los Cabos tourist corridor, home to numerous overblown resorts and environmentally questionable golf courses. By the time we get to the city it’s well after dark. The streets are poorly lit and nothing about the residential part of town we’re staying in seems remarkable. We figure we could be just about anywhere in the world. Then a car cruises past us with the stereo blaring. The sound of accordions and trumpets fills the air. Nope, we’re definitely in Mexico.


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