An update from Guanajuato

Just a quick update from our room in the incredible World Heritage city of Guanajuato. Keeping up the blog with words and pictures has been pretty impossible as we’ve really been deep in rural Mexico without much access to internet or phone. We’ve been more or less back in civilisation, if you will, since yesterday evening, and the rest of our trip won’t be nearly as wild and way out there. Our motorcycle trip has taken us by surprise at every corner. I never expected the scenery to be as varied and as extraordinarily beautiful as what we’ve seen over the last five days. I never thought we would come across (usually through getting lost) such weather-worn, massively messed up roads, and that the long hours of riding would be so challenging and tiring for Ben. But it’s been absolutely worth it – we’ve seen and done some amazing things and stumbled upon people and places by chance that have really opened our eyes to what a fantastic place this is to travel independently in. It’s not always easy and there have been some rough spots, but it’s the good and the bad together that make Mexico thrilling and alluring.